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Crawler Group Releases Spyware Terminator version featuring new language capabilities, new Anti-phishing Protection and tuned-up Real-Time Protection

March 30rd, 2010 View More »


Crawler Group Releases Spyware Terminator

December 08, 2009: We're proudly announcing the new release of Spyware Terminator that comes with an improved client-to-client Updater and an optimized Scheduled Scan. View More »


Crawler Releases Spyware Terminator With Enhanced Online Protection

August 26, 2009: With Internet threats on the rise, Crawler has taken the initiative to reduce this danger by enhancing Web Security Guard which provides Online Protection within Spyware Terminator. This new version of Spyware Terminator now offers enhanced built-in protection to prevent infection of your computer. Read the whole article to learn more... View More »


Crawler Releases Spyware Terminator Beta

May 20, 2009: We would like to invite our users to help us test the new Spyware Terminator Beta version that's been enhanced to improve your user experience and keep you up to date with the most recent threats and the latest algorithms for removing those threats. Read the whole article to learn more about the new features that this beta version offers. View More »


Xacti Releases System Protect That Supports Windows® 7 Beta

April 14, 2009: To provide coprehensible protection also to users of brand new operating system Windows® 7 Beta, we've upgraded System Protect not only to protect your data while using this operating system but also to protect its system files. Read the whole article to learn more... View More »

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