Xacti Releases System Protect 1.0 - Prevents Operating System Crashes and Damage caused by Faulty Antivirus Databases

Free application protects computer stability by preventing deletion or modification of operating system files caused by faulty antivirus databases, viruses and user errors.

Boca Raton, FL - April 16, 2008 - Xacti, provider of free software, announces the release of System Protect™ 1.0, a free computer security application that effectively eliminates the chance of computer instability and inoperability caused by faulty antivirus database updates of leading antivirus and antispyware products. System files and user designated programs, documents and files are protected against inadvertent deletion or modification caused by user error or other application on the computer.

System Protect 1.0 was developed in response to reports in recent years of several million computer users being affected by faulty database updates provided by leading antivirus companies. These databases erroneously detected vital system files as viruses and removed them, causing millions of computer crashes worldwide. System Protect 1.0 is rapidly joining the band of other Xacti security applications in gaining wide acceptance from industry experts and users alike. With System Protect 1.0, users receive effective protection and can confidently add the free application to their arsenal of computer security products.

"We continue our endeavor to produce effective products that deliver real world solutions for computer users worldwide," stated Robert Österlund, CEO of Xacti. "With System Protect 1.0, users can be assured of a product that exceeds industry quality standards, is reliable and freely available."

System Protect 1.0 is designed to be an easy-to-use application to keep users operating systems stable and important files protected. The key features of System Protect 1.0 include:

  • Security against faulty antivirus databases - Computer stability is ensured by preventing operating system files from being deleted or modified by leading antivirus and antispyware products' faulty databases.
  • File and folders protection - Deletion of important files is prevented whose loss could cause a computer crash, or removal of programs and documents.
  • Prevention of operating system instability - Essential system files, often attacked by viruses and spyware designed to crash computers, are protected to keep the user's operating system stable. Accidental or unintentional deletion of files is also prevented.
  • Protection of user selected files - Files and folders, such as important documents, favorite photos, music, movies or other files at risk of being lost, will not be modified or deleted by a virus, malware or other users on the computer.
  • Deletion and modification attempts notification - Users are notified of any attempt to delete or modify protected files. The user can choose from four protection modes and setup a customized notification.
  • Protection for all users - System Protect ensures protection for all computer users whether they have administrator or restricted user rights on the computer.

System Protect 1.0 is currently available in English and Czech languages with more languages being added. System Protect 1.0 is available for free on its website at www.system-protect.com. Additionally, System Protect is also offered bundled with sister product, Web Security Guard™, creating a totally free, dual Internet security solution for consumer and business use.

About Xacti Group
Xacti is a leading innovator of search technology and software applications focusing on rich, interactive experiences and safety for consumers and businesses. Xacti products are meticulously developed and are highly ranked by industry experts and users alike. The company is dedicated to the idea that everyone worldwide should have access to free software. The Xacti Group has a global mission to create and operate a diversified portfolio of scalable businesses through the innovative use of technology. To learn more, visit www.xacti.com.

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