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Lesen Sie eine Auswahl von Zeugnisses von Web Security Guard Benutzern


Lesen Sie eine Auswahl von Zeugnisses von Web Security Guard Benutzern

Sam J. schrieb:

(geschrieben am: 02/04/2008)

Web Security Guard lets me view user ratings of websites before I enter it, so I now if it’s worthwhile going to it. I even get to help others by posting my own reviews! It’s like a safe browsing community. I love it!

Tracy W. schrieb:

(geschrieben am: 02/03/2008)

This program is so easy to use! It protects my computer and detects all kinds of Internet threats. I recommend Web Security Guard to anyone!

Jenny R. schrieb:

(geschrieben am: 02/02/2008)

Web Security Guard makes it so easy to stay away from dangerous websites. I get to view each one’s threat level before I enter it to keep my computer clean of infections. Thanks a lot!

Mark G. schrieb:

(geschrieben am: 01/31/2008)

Ever since my last computer failed, I try to stay clear of all Internet threats. I installed Web Security Guard a year ago and my computer runs like new, totally clean of viruses. It really works!

Ben F. schrieb:

(geschrieben am: 01/25/2008)

Web Security Guard lets you review a website’s threat level before entering it. I couldn’t imagine not having this program. It would be like walking in the dark. Really great product!

Peter S. schrieb:

(geschrieben am: 01/13/2008)

I can’t believe this program is free. It’s so easy to use and provides a great value. Thank you for creating this great service!

Karl G. schrieb:

(geschrieben am: 01/08/2008)

This program lets me see how many times a certain website was rated as being dangerous. This is really great because I’m skeptical of many user reviews out there. Great feature!

Tara K. schrieb:

(geschrieben am: 01/07/2008)

If I come across an infectious website, I can warn others by posting a review and sharing my experience. I enjoy exposing these bad websites. Thanks!

Bob W. schrieb:

(geschrieben am: 01/04/2008)

I can use my favorite search engine and see ratings from Web Security Guard, warning me of potentially dangerous websites. How terrific is that!

Sally R. schrieb:

(geschrieben am: 01/02/2008)

I can choose which type of information Web Security Guard displays when I attempt to access a website. I like to be informed of all threats! Thanks a lot!

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