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Lea los testimonios de los usuarios de Web Security Guard


Lea los testimonios de los usuarios de Web Security Guard

Ryan B. escribió:

(publicado en: 12/28/2007)

I choose Web Security Guard to protect my computer from spyware, adware, spam and viruses! This program gives me all the protection I need.

Claire D. escribió:

(publicado en: 12/22/2007)

I am much safer now that I have Web Security Guard. It notifies me when I attempt to enter a dangerous website. Thanks for the protection!

Ted F. escribió:

(publicado en: 12/12/2007)

This program is so easy to use! All you have to do is install it and let it go. You don’t have to do a thing when you update automatically. Awesome program!

Fred H. escribió:

(publicado en: 12/12/2007)

Web Security Guard lets me decide if I want to enter a website. It gives me the information I need to be in control. This program is great!

Carry W. escribió:

(publicado en: 12/10/2007)

I feel much safer having Web Security Guard on my computer. I tell my children to never go to sites with a red icon next to it. Thanks a lot!

Pat T. escribió:

(publicado en: 12/02/2007)

Not only does Web Security Guard review dangerous sites, but I can review good sites too. I enjoy helping others stay safe while browsing the Internet.

Nicole R. escribió:

(publicado en: 12/01/2007)

I really like this program. Before, I couldn’t tell which websites were safe and which contained threats. I feel much better, thanks!

Todd H. escribió:

(publicado en: 11/28/2007)

I recommend Web Security Guard to all my friends. It keeps my computer safe and clean from all Internet threats. Thanks for this great program!

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